P38 (Galerie)

Gallery P38, founded by Manuel Morin and Sandra Mezache, opened on November 13 of 2015. It is a continuation of an experience of almost twenty years in the field of printed matter. At first booksellers passionate about the image, it is naturally that they moved towards expositions. The role of switcher as a common denominator, the concern to promote and defend tirelessy what the counterculture counts of essential, of avant-garde and uncompromising.
To document the margin, to make it live, to display its echo by a programming alternating exhibitions of artists, often young, and printed materials out of the unremetting research of laying the groundwork.
The production will go from fanzines bibliophilia’s books, making the best use of the savoir-faire of craftsmen working in the Paris Print Club, whose gallery owners are partly founders.

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