A City Curating Reader. Public Art Munich 2018

What is public in public art? What are the contingencies of working outside of the protection of the institutional walls? What makes city curating? This reader takes Munich as a case study, and documents the projects of PUBLIC ART MUNICH 2018 dealing with political, ideological and economical shifts, spanning from the founding of the Bavarian Soviet Republic in 1919 to the arrival of refugees at the Hauptbahnhof in 2015. It contextualizes art within the broader questions of the grammar of the public sphere and of what constitutes publicness today. It also reflects on the concept of context-specific city curating, performativity and art conceived in minutes rather than square meters. Art projects, conversations and essays plot a narrative of how art can cultivate encounters with the unpredictable, negotiate the uncommonness, and provoke the counter-publics to come.

This reader is published on the occasion of PUBLIC ART MUNICH 2018 Game Changers, curated by Joanna Warsza and commissioned by the City of Munich. 30. APR – 27. JUL 2018


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