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A Dog Story

“The story I like to tell the most is the one of the wolf who turned dog. At the beginning of the Neolithic period, when humans began to discover agriculture and settle down, about ten thousand years ago, he approached the wolf who had similar behaviors as the concept of group hunting to better trap their prey or hide meat reserves. The two species often rubbed together in the hunt to such an extent that the four-legged beast bonded with the standing animal for easier access to food. And the man, in his sovereignty, managed to make the wolf docile, even to total domestication. The design of this mutual rapprochement gave the dog.
This animal species that we know for its potential for fast running, its excellent sense of smell and for its specific cry, barking.
The dog cries, his tail is erect and his ears fall like a wolf cub, depending on him, he gradually loses his awakening. This episode is an abbreviation of the great complexity of the evolution of a group, among some 300 breeds of dogs, some have a divergent history.”


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