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Blur Life choice

“The fuzziness (or vagueness) pronounces the praise of the doubt. He suggests nothing else than wondering about what we see ?”

The concept of “blur usually refers to a negative connotation. People can refer to a soft focus effect or a “deliberate vagueness” to speak about something that shows a lack of clarity as well as regularity
This undesirable haziness can result from the dizzy shooting of a clumsy amateur photographer. We differantiate the motion blur which bothers the photographer in his search for a snapshot, from the out of focus blur related to a detective equipment or a poor quality lens.

For the pleasure of telling the anecdote, during the golden age of Hollywood’s cinema, the ageing actresses would ask to be shot in blurry close-ups in order to camouflage imperfections and wrinles.
Since then, some filmmakers took over the technique to evoke for example the dream world and give the image a mysterious load.
Let’s look back to the vagueness in painting which evoke the Renaissance period and the advent of oil painting. The painter’s touches of paint are flooded, made invisible by fading, that is the so-called Sfumato technique. This does not permit any amateurism, that makes no doubt.

This can recall our memory when catching sight of some of Antwan Horfee’s painting…
However, if the eye lingers on an image which is difficult to grasp, some unclear outlined shape arise. And the colors vibrate, creating a pictoral strangeness in front of which we have troubles focusing.
To lead to this flickering blur, A.H twist the air-brush primal function : a tool inspired by the spray gun used by the coach-builders and designed to please the mock-up crazy lovers, the trip under L.S.D to galactic landscapes fanatics, or the one passionate about Hyperrealism.
With no direct contact of the hand on the medium, the air-brush allows A.H to take some distance from his flat area of colors, while playing with the tool (he lost the manual anyway), as well as forgetting the clear line in some evanescence… You get the haziness last, by creating vapourous black lines, the outline mocking the shapes, rough shadow – and yet so delicate – that blends the layouts.

Voluntary act, the Art of painting the blur sacrifices the details to reveal the imperceptible.
It is about producing the necessary elements to create a collision within many comon references : bad painting, 9th art, graffiti

Let’s spare ourselves an exhaustive list and let’s get caught by this merry hurly burly in which Antwan Horfee slightly reveals himself, by a gesture which virtuosity id nothing but a game.

C. Traverso


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