C’est comme ça

In Tokyo, buildings are erect sexes stretched towards a sky where dick-planes fly. Men and women have a glans-shaped head, and party late at night after the office day. C’est comme ça . In the public mixed baths, the guys deceive the boredom by putting strange pearls in funny places… The au pairs leave baby and household tasks to indulge between them to the rawest acts. C’est comme ça . Chinko-man, the “dick-man”, uses his disproportionate organ to violently impose his phallic law. C’est comme ça ! C’est comme ça ! This is how the society described in these nine short stories by Jirô Ishikawa is placed under the sign of the phallus-king, the sexual drive, the narcissism, the libidinous obsession. It is the society of the enjoyers, the satisfied neurotics, the society of the dickheads.

Elegantly able to marry all the registers, from the minimal to the psychedelic through the codes of the gekiga, Jirô Ishikawa, virtuoso mangaka and paria, describes this world as he sees it, as he dreams or more surely, as he feared. Almost unknown to his country, Ishikawa is the decadent, delirious, out-of-the-way author whom no one dared to wait for. He’s there, C’est comme ça now.


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