Ever Since Night Falls

Ever Since Night Falls looks at the adventures and misadventures of lost artworks throughout history: records of bad luck, disappearance or deliberation. This publication gives a glimpse into works that have vanished from the reaches of humanity in one form or another — stemming from motivations that encompass human error, greed, ideology and passion.
From censorship to stealing, to even destruction by the creators themselves, the events that take place are not merely odd moments in history, but a map of
A symbol of obscurity, a curtain looms behind the works. As both frame and obstruction, it will eventually overshadow the tableau — an act of finality which memory manages to ruse, even if just for a moment.
In this theatre of rogue characters, a stage for ghosts perhaps, Ever Since Night Falls pieces together narratives both factual and speculative, creating a utopia for faiths and fancies forgotten. The images onward are reconstructions, in the same way that one chooses what to remember. Like figures in dreams, these fragments confirm the arbitrary fragility of existence.


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