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This series of five fanzines, published in the years 2019/2020, reflects the Parisian demonstrations from the unprecedented movement of yellow vests.
Each volume is intended to address a theme related to this protest movement : flames, weapons, violent actions, portraits of protesters and police etc…
The photographer Émilie Désir covered almost all the rallies close to the action. Pure protest scenes are born of very aesthetic and composed images. The result is a vision in five acts, both documentary and powerfully dramatic.

Tome 3 : Goliaths
Recalling the fight between David and Goliath, this third volume reports on the excess of police violence and the inequality of the fight between demonstrators and police.
Highlighted by recent events, this uninhibited violence has always been practiced in the suburbs but is more and more commonplace and this is what is immortalized by the photographer Émilie Désir.
A powerful and essential testimony as the government prepares a law to restrict and control the dissemination of these images.


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