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“Make a newspaper like a work of art … Use printing, drawing, text, typography, layout, as material for artistic expression. “(Loulou Picasso)

” We wanted to create something as strong as the Dada movement … We did not like traditional graphics or galleries … We were a micro society … We imitated the terrorist commando … The graphic dictatorship was to do things without asking permission. “(Kiki Picasso)

“Of course it is art, and much stronger than all the sham that you can see in galleries. These apparently stateless productions constantly question everything through the richness and quantity of the images they offer … Perhaps we will be criticized for lacking a bourgeois strategy. But one day our work will be seen and it will have the effectiveness of having told the time. “(Bruno Richard)

“Luxurious objects or small anthracite leaves, the graphzines are beautiful and refined. No more boring militant fanzines shot on a rotten mime. No more good words. Make way for expression, long live dirty images. “(André Igwal)

“Radical publications produced outside of any editorial structure by enthusiasts. “(Pierre La Police)

” It’s like a little art exhibition in the form of a printed booklet. “(DeePee)

” It is an object, an object that we never tire of turning the pages. You’ve never seen pages like this. “(Delfeil de Ton)

” Afterwards, you will never again buy the pack of crap cartoons that you usually read. “(Willem)

” Definitely the opposite of the apology of the commercial which prevails everywhere … Since you are told that what these people do is the best in contemporary art! “(Jean-Christophe Menu)

” Be careful not to play the game of self-censorship … “(Fredox)

” Y5 for the eyes, P5 for the head: asocial, abnormal, dangerous, drugged, alcoholic, homosexual … the total! … ”(Y5 / P5)

“ DIY or DIE! “(Jean-Pierre Turmel)

“Do it yourself if you’re not happy. “(Kerozen)


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