Knif (pronounce [Ka-neef]) is an acute and sharp-as-a-knife monospaced typeface. Its starkness results from an intense design process lead by Axel Pelletanche-Thévenart (FR), Building Paris (Benoît Santiard and Guillaume Grall) (FR), and Émilie Rigaud (FR). The first cut (regular) has been published by A is for… in November 2016, and the second one (italic) in December 2017.

Knif mono journal featuring the international cream of the crop:
Étienne Hervy (FR), Jean-Philippe Bretin (FR), Victor Fonseca (PT), Atelier Brenda (BE), Bureau Borsche (DE), Syndicat (FR), Jad Hussein (FR), Olivier Lebrun (FR), Jan Novak (CZ), Dreams Office (FR), Christophe Gaudard (FR), Roosje Klaap (NL) & Pauline Le Pape (FR), Clément Gicquel (FR), Unfun (DE), Intercouleur (FR), Spassky Fischer (FR), HelloMe (DE),
Antoine Elsensohn & Cécile Legnaghi (FR), and, last but not least, Pouya Ahmadi (IR/US).

Nicely printed by Imprimerie de Champagne (FR) in December 2017 (thanks to Hervé Gironcourt).


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