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There is an island, Ogygia, lying far at sea, where the daughter of Atlas, Calypso, has her home, the seductive nymph with lovely braids — a danger too, and no one, god or mortal, dares approach her there. But I, cursed as I am, some power brought me to her hearth, alone, when Zeus with a white-hot bolt had crushed my racing warship down the wine-dark sea. There all the rest of my loyal shipmates died but I, locking my arms around my good ship’s keel, drifted along nine days. On the tenth, at dead of night, the gods cast me up on Ogygia, Calypso’s island, home of the dangerous nymph with glossy braids, and the goddess took me in all her kindness, welcomed me warmly, cherished me, even vowed to make me immortal, ageless, all my days—but she never won the heart inside me, never.
Homer, The Odyssey.


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