Since its creation, the MIAM has helped us to discover many different forms of contemporary creation and to understand to what extent art has its place in the sometimes most unexpected domains of everyday life. The MIAM is a space that allows different cultures to meet and clash and allows creators to confront each other, whether they be anonymous participants or even renowned contemporary artists. What could ne more important today than this dialogue between peoples, between people ? After Winnipeg, Mexico, Japan and even the tropical islands, Hervé Di Rosa now takes us to Providence, a city in the North East of America that was the birthplace of Howard Philip Lovecraft, mythical author of fantastic tales, who lived his whole life there. His work would go on to profoundly influence a whole generation and his legacy is palpable today in the creations of the artists of Providence. This is what is on offer here at the MIAM, through the work of 14 artists that were all born in this town.


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