Sandwich n° 25

In 1979, the newspaper Libération, at the abundance of requests for insertion of free advertisements in his column “Chérie je t’aime”, decided to combine them in a weekly free supplement, Sandwich, inserted in the Saturday’s newspaper.
The management is entrusted to Jean Luc Hening, director of the cultural department of the newspaper and Thierry Dalby. They set up their own team of journalists, joined by designers of Bazooka’s group.
They associate the ads inquiries: Punks à Londres, Krackers à Amsterdam, “New York gay sanglant” by Guy Hocquenghem, interviews: Roland Barthes, Margerite Duras, texts by Jean-Jacques Lebel, Rezvani or Eduard Limonov and illustrations from Bazooka, Willem, Erro, Combas, Monory, Bruno Richard and ESDS, Slocombe, Topor, and generally most cartoonists of the time. This shifted the original editorial and graphic design will make the success of this supplement to the slightly scandalous perfume.
Sandwich will become the organ margins where convicts find themselves, feminists, gays, punks, left out and lonely. From the number 3, Roland Barthes dubbed the “mythology” of Sandwich in an interview with Michel Cressole he speaks of popular free eroticism, marginal literature and contraband: “When browsing the ads of “Libé” it feels really like reading a kind of burst novel. This is the novel star”.
The publication of Liberation is suspended 21 February 1981 due to financial difficulties and resume on May 13 of that year supported by an investment company. Sandwich does not reappear with the new version.


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Aida, Dany Ballin, Kiki Picasso, Phil Cazoar, Romain Slocombe

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Zina Rouhaba




May 17th 1980



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