SILO 001

“The label offers to the artists involved in the project the possibility to gather and experiment a unique sound setting. Inside a large silo mode of concrete, the sound endlessly twirls and spins around. A narrow door made of cast iron gives access to this cylindrical space where everything is surrounded by a red glowing darkness.
The sound experience is introspective and utterly physical.
These moments of residencies unfold as timeless wanderings within the circonvolutions of this vibratile space.”

Our first issue is the inauguration of different musicians matches, whom, so far, never had collaborated together.

MTUA and Tom Villiers Moriamé offer through 6 tracks, a first vinyl constituted with warm and atmospheric textures which reveal the immersive and entrancing potential of SILO. Switched together, the machines and the oud sustain each other. The firsts ones draw their sustenances into the resonances of the second one in order to reset them in circulation inside the space where they fade away.

The collaboration between MTUA and Vincent Roussel is the second vinyl’s construct. Resolutely electric, the construction is developed through 3 explorations. Processed speakers and acoustic objects mix together and sometimes harmonize themselves. In the tumult’s middle, some long moans can be heard. 


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Dimensions 33 × 32 × 0.1 cm

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