Sova #5 – The non-moralist


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Deconstruct Morality – Sova Magazine issue #5 “The Non-Moralist” is a never ending discourse on the good and bad, the profanity and performativity of Do’s and Dont’s in our contemporary (non)-moral culture.

Works by Antoine Harinthe, Bernhard Handick, Booth Bitch, Camilla Storgaard, EASTER, Flavia Culcasi, GLOSS, Hannah Wolf, Johann Bouché-Pillon, Johannes Gierlinger, Jovana Reisinger, Lisa Geue, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Martin Petersen, Peter Kaaden, Rita Lino, Romain Brunet, Thales Pessoa, Tim Klausing, Tine Fetz and Tove Holm.

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