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Covering the works of Andreea Peterfi, Gvantsa Jishkariani, Jessica Twitchell and Tamás Kaszás, Template 17 46 209 6 contains a collection of 4 publications documenting the exhibitions produced in Bucharest during 2018 as part of Template’s first series of events in public space.

Template fo­cuses on ac­ti­vat­ing var­i­ous un­used ar­chi­tec­tural struc­tures lo­cated through­out the city by ren­der­ing them as tem­po­rary, scaled-down ex­hi­bi­tion sites. These structures, mainly vitrines and kiosks, stand as evidence of either leftover or unfinished modernist urban planning projects during the communist era, or of the abandoned small businesses, such as neighbourhood shops or service providers, that boomed in the 90s after the fall of the regime and the subsequent dissolution of the guaranteed workplace. They are part of the historical setting of a perpetually shifting social and political stage, that in its transitionfrom state socialism to aggressive market capitalism gave rise to a multitude of heterotopic spaces.

Template is an artists’ initiative and exhibitions program devised collaboratively by Kristin Wenzel, Vlad Brăteanu, Alice Gancevici & Remus Pușcariu.


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