vol. IV, species


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From the text of Jen Kratochvíl, originally written for Lebenswelt, an exhibition at Significant Other, Vienna:
A book, the fourth chapter in a series of Petra’s artist books holds the primary source material, those grainy analogue images transferred into a digital multiplicity. They speak not only of a specific time and space but also about their own being and ways of distribution, ways of perception, shifts from one media to the other, about the journey from horizontality to verticality and back. Be it an iPhone screen or a physical contact sheet, all those histories are amalgamating into a new uncertain integrity. There is no truth anymore, as we all very well know, there is no clarity, not even in exact sciences. Therefore poetic references to meanings of things are remaining open-ended as an only possible solution to this frustration. Assumptions and believes are using natural techniques of mimicry to create a seeming of facts. Nature meets methods of conduct of its offspring.

Design: Palo Balik

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Dimensions 23 × 17 cm

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