Zoom Age

Julien Auregan generates paintings by focusing on the “length” of the pictorial experience. It's a process that plays with the need to experiment with each perspective created by each new plastic event on the canvas followed by a succession of diagnosis. The creation process is one that rather excludes “wrong” solutions than one that obeys to a reasoned plan. It also explores the “meta” of materials and images which appears and disappears according to point of view.
Zoom Age is an editorial investigation of these protocols. The book establishes links between various plastic incomparable worlds and favors (or neglects) lucky connections between appropriate forms and unintended images. This is done so well that we never know where we are : which state of matter, which reading level, which degree of detail or reproduction? This is a place where a drawing can either be a potential new painting or just a scribbled piece of paper but there is no reason to believe that the scribbled piece of paper is already a painting.


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