Zweikommasieben #14

It is in the nature of modern communication systems that everything can be said—Susan Sontag made this claim at the end of the seventies of the last century. Fantasies, ideas, themes, and images: today, the great equalizing machine that is the Internet presents these things in all possible contexts, whereby each context is then automatically placed on equal terms with all the others. Important political, aesthetic, and cultural differences are also threatened with a permanent leveling. The involuntary trajectories of things and the associated mutations present a variety of challenges for artists. This also applies to emerging forms of music and sound, which are of primary interest to us. The contributions to this issue all deal with this problem in different ways and on different levels.

The rave-performance duo N.M.O. would be an example, the singer and producer Palmistry another. Besides that Endgame, Phuong-Dan, Carla dal Forno, Zuli, Ekman, Telephones, Broshuda, meandyou., Feldermelder, Bernardino Feminielli, Daniele Guerrini (of Cage Suburbia) and Petit Singe are featured in this issue.


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